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The Different Betting Types of Poker

If you plan to play poker either in a live or online casino, it is best that you know the different betting types of poker. Some tables adhere to the rules on betting of a certain type, and thus would affect one's strategy, the flow of the game, and the money one is risking.

There are four popular betting types of poker: fixed limit, spread limit, pot limit, and no limit. These types are based on how much money one can raise. Here we will take a closer look at each type.

1. Fixed limit

This is the more popular type of poker in casinos. In a fixed limit poker, players can only bet or raise up to a particular amount in each betting round. This amount differs from casino to casino and from table to table. However, the principle remains the same.

For example, at a three-to-five-dollar fixed limit table, players can only raise by three dollars in the first few rounds, and by five dollars in the late rounds of the game.

2. Spread limit

This is not that popular in casinos, but is common in friendly home games. When a poker game is a spread-limit type, players can bet amounts within a certain range. For example, players may bet one to five dollars. It is most common for spread limit games to have a strict rule about raising higher than the last raise: this means that if a player raised three dollars, the next player could only raise four or five dollars.

3. Pot limit

A riskier and more exciting betting type, the pot limit allows players to raise up to the amount of the current pot. That means players can double the pot by raising. Pot limit games are pretty expensive, but the games are really exciting.

4. No limit

This is the monster of all poker betting types. If you see this in a casino, be sure you are really good in poker and have a lot of cash in your bankroll before you even attempt to join. In no limit poker, players can bet as much as they like, even all of the chips they currently have (an 'all-in'). Often, raises must be double the amount of the last raise. This means the stakes in a no limit game have also no limits.

Know the differences in the betting types of poker by heart, and you will smoothly glide through playing and choosing which tables to play in. Remember, play at tables whose limits matches your bankroll!

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