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Poker Betting: Bring-in, Blinds and the Ante

Poker variants of all kinds love to bring in and apply forced bets for the sake of high tension and an intense experience. Aside from this forced bet which is usually the blind, the number and when you push in your chips is largely up to you and your strategy. Betting is in fact, based on the idea that you'll either gain something by scaring off an opponent or by increasing the size of the pot by making others throw in more money. This essentially means that they believe that, in the poker variant they are currently betting, that putting in more money would be a gain rather than loss.

The two most common forms of advancing the action before anything happens in any poker variant are the blinds and the ante. A blind bet means that the two players to the left of the dealer need to put in bets which essentially determine the minimum bet for that round. These bets happen before players even get their cards. Antes are more universal as each player is required to put in the same amount, though it is not counted as a bet unlike the blind.

Though those are the two most common forms of forcing money into the pot, there are more around which are just as effective though not as commonly used. The bring-in is one of those, which finds use in poker variants that have face up cards such as a community card game poker variant or for stud poker. This is unique from other things in that it occurs after cards are dealt but before any further voluntary action occurs.

Players are selected according to the cards they have been dealt and their value and are forced to bet, usually with the minimum value possible and allowed. Turn play then progresses as usually beyond that. Due to the bring-in's inconsistent demand, this is usually coupled with an ante to make sure that the pressure is on everyone.

Bring-ins in stud poker games are usually forced on the weakest hand. Beyond that, the player to the left of the dealer can be forced to bring-in. These are only a few of the methods that poker players and casinos use to make sure that the tables are always exciting and full of action. After all, no one wants to play a game where nothing happens. Perhaps with this knowledge, you can find a way to tilt the odds in your favor.

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