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Poker and You: Betting Formats

Betting formats in poker can vary from tournament to tournament. There are the structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats of betting and each comes with its own consequences and effects on the game.

Structured betting is often referred to as fixed limit betting. In this setting, a player only decides whether to bet or not, as the amount that they can wager is fixed by rule. To allow bluffing, the fixed amount doubles later on in the contest.

Semi-structured betting formats generally give guidelines to be followed instead of the strict restrictions that are in structured betting. A common guideline is that players may not less than what other players bet, forcing more aggressive behavior to come out. A pot limit isn't quite what it sounds like - it allows players to raise up to any amount equal to the size of the whole pot up until that point.

For example, there are twenty dollars in the pot. The first player can bet up to twenty dollars. The next player can raise up to sixty dollars, as he first matches, raising the amount in the pot to sixty, before he can raise and so on. Spread limit betting formats give a range of bets. An example of this would be a one to five spread, wherein players are allowed to bet one to five dollars.

Spread limit is actually good example of how betting formats can influence a game. Beginners and newbies often give obvious tells, such as sticking to the low end of the spectrum on a bad had and sticking to the high end with a powerful hand.

A variation of this format is the California Spread, which widens the betting range immensely, with the maximum bet as the maximum by in. It's a format that is predictably found in California, where local laws have no betting limit.

Last but not the least is the unstructured betting format, often called no limit. It is the darling of the media circus surrounding poker, as it allows for all in bets, or bets that offer up all of a player's money in one hand. Dramatic play is often seen here, where bets can end a poker player's tournament time really early.

Betting formats generally determine the intensity of the game, as the same variant of poker played with different variants ends up with a completely different feel of game. The next time you have a poker night or you watch a tournament, take note of the betting structure and how it changes the game - you may be pleasantly surprised.

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