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Blackjack "Up As You Win" Betting Systems

In any competition, battle or challenge, a good strategy and game plan usually saves the day. It is no different in the game of blackjack. If in playing there are many basic blackjack strategies and card counting strategies in betting, there are also numerous blackjack betting systems. These are systems or recommended ways of betting that has an objective of increasing the profit and decreasing the amount of money lost in playing blackjack. The following are only a few of the "Up As You Win" betting systems that provide the reader an overview and idea of how blackjack-betting systems work.

The Dahl Progression, found in Donald Dahl's Progression Blackjack Book, is only one of the many said betting systems. In this betting system, the blackjack player is recommended to bet as follows: if he decides the initial wager would be $5 the following progression of bets must follow namely: 5-5-7-7-10-10-15-15-25-25-35-35-50. Of course, the player can only get to the next level if he won the previous round. Any losses would send the blackjack player back to square one. If a player gets a blackjack, he automatically skips the next level. If he doubles down he proceeds two levels up. A blackjack player is advised to stay on the highest bet upon reaching it until he loses.

Another betting system is called the "Up and Pull" Betting System also known as the "progression/regression" betting system. This system recommends that the blackjack player start his bet at two units. If he wins he regresses to just one unit. If he wins the next round again he progresses back to the initial two units. It is recommended that the player continue on such procedure until he reaches a desired limit.

The Hoyle's Press or the Oscar's Grind recommends that the blackjack player flat bet or bet the same amount until he wins and he can level up his bet to just one unit and continue on this bet until the losses have been won back with profit. This maybe represented as follows: 1-L. 1-L, 1-W, 2-W. Blackjack professionals are not certain about the efficiency of this system since it maybe disadvantageous if a player falls in a losing streak.

Lastly, the Reverse Martingale System, as the name implies, goes against the Martingale System wherein a player doubles his bet after every loss. In the Reverse Martingale a player doubles his bet after every win. This system is not advisable since the player may eliminate his entire earnings during the play.

Players can choose from many other blackjack-betting systems. However, all of them are only recommendations and advise. The player in the end may opt to create his own system or play with just following his gut and leaving the rest to chance.

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